terms & conditions

All orders are subject to the Terms and Conditions stipulated below. When accepting a quote or making a purchase order, the customer implicitly accepts the Terms and Conditions.

Purchase Channels_

1º face-to-face, in any of the points of presence (fairs, exhibitions) or in our showroom.


2nd telephone call, to the number: +34 915 279 414



3rd our favorite, through our website, and directed to customers with registration at www.atlanticoarts.com.


It is important to mention that in all purchase channels, all purchase orders must be confirmed by Atlántico Arts & Crafts to their customers, to the email provided. In case of not having confirmation on our part, the purchase order will be considered as

canceled, even when the partial or total payment has been made, the client can recover 100% of the money minus bank fees.



Atlántico Arts & Crafts reserves the right to modify prices at any time. In the event that Atlántico Arts & Crafts increases or reduces some of its prices to products and / or services, after the purchase order of a client, these changes will be communicated to the client; In case of not being accepted, the purchase order will be canceled without any penalty for any of the parties, and the client can recover 100% of the money paid up to that moment, less bank fees. All prices on the atlanticoarts.com website are shown without value added tax (VAT).


The final price to pay for each purchase order, regardless of the means by which it is specified, will be confirmed in writing by Atlántico Arts & Crafts, to the email address provided in the record.


Atlántico Arts & Crafts does not deliver merchandise to consignment or concession under any scheme of work, except for samples, fairs and exhibitions in which it accepts to participate. If you have any proposal, contact us: contacto@atlanticoarts.com

Minimum purchase_

Atlántico Arts & Crafts sells only to professionals in the decoration and gift sector. For each purchase order, the minimum purchase is 350 euros plus VAT for the same product (This also includes its variants of color, size and shape) or 600 euros plus VAT for purchase orders grouping various products.



When placing the purchase order and then accepting the final price that Atlantic Arts & Crafts reaches with the confirmation of prices, stocks and more precise delivery times, the customer is obliged to cover 40% of the total amount of the invoice. The remaining 60% will be settled once Atlántico Arts & Crafts confirm that the purchase order is ready to be shipped from our warehouse in Spain to destination. There will be no exception regarding this point.

Special projects & Special requirements on catalog products_


All special projects and adjustments in measurements and / or colors and / or shapes and / or sizes of catalog products, will be quoted by Atlántico Arts & Crafts, and this quote must be accepted by the client to begin processing the order, following the same payment policy mentioned in this document. Request a quote at contacto@atlanticoarts.com



The delivery of all purchase orders will take place at the Atlántico Arts & Crafts store in Madrid at no shipping cost. However, in all purchase orders we offer home delivery. All shipping costs will be indicated in the respective quotes and invoices that are prepared, at the address provided by the customer. Atlántico Arts & Crafts makes shipments mainly to the entire territory of Spain, the European Union. In the case of all products of the LAVA brand, Atlántico Arts & Crafts ships worldwide.

Regular Delivery Times_

45 - 60 days from receipt of the first payment of 40% of the total purchase. However, once a purchase order is processed, the customer will be given an approximate delivery date, after checking with the production and logistics areas, the availability of the products.


Delivery times can vary depending on multiple factors, which is why Atlántico Arts & Crafts commits with its clients to report promptly about any delay.

Reduced Delivery Times_

In case the client needs to reduce the delivery times, Atlántico Arts & Crafts offers the possibility of delivering the purchase orders in a period of 15 - 30 days, as long as it has the products in stock in one of its stores, either Mexico or Spain, or, it is possible to enter production and go well and safe with the promised times. The additional cost that the client will cover for this reduction will be 10% of the total purchase order for all products, except for those products that are more bulky, such as baskets, furniture, decoration pieces or objects larger than 18 centimeters. length and / or width (per piece); in these cases, the additional amount will correspond to 25% of the total purchase order.

Quotes & Purchase Orders_


Any quote is valid for a period of 15 working days, except in the case of promotions or discounts, which will be valid for the time specified in each case. Any modification to a purchase order that is already processed could cause delays in the delivery time of the entire order, as well as some increase in the total cost.

Payment Methods_


Debit / credit card, and cash in our showroom. Debit / credit card from our website: atlanticoarts.com, once after Atlantico Arts & Crafts confirms the order with the client. Interbank transfer to the following account:


Owner: Irene Durán Parra

Bank: Triodos Bank


IBAN: ES03 1491 0001 2121 7170 4824

CCC: 1491 (Entity); 0001 (Office); 21 (DC); 2171704824 (Account number).


All sales will be invoiced without exception. It is the customer's obligation to provide their billing information when making the purchase order.



In case of any cancellation by the client, this must be communicated in writing to the email: contacto@atlanticoarts.com at any time. Once the first 40% payment has been made, the notice must occur within the first 3 business days after the payment was made, without generating any commitment for the customer, and receiving the full 40% paid, less bank fees, in case of have them After that period of time, any cancellation of the order that is in the process of production and / or delivery will incur a penalty to the customer of 100% on the amount paid to account up to that moment.


Atlántico Arts & Crafts reserves the right to cancel any purchase order, without prejudice or penalty in the following cases:


1. That the buyer has not complied with the initial 40% payment for the processing of his purchase order, or that once he has notified that his merchandise is ready to be delivered and / or sent to his home, the Client does not pay the remaining 60% of the purchase within 10 business days after being notified. In this last case, the client loses any right to demand any refund on money paid in the first payment.


2. Some external situation that makes it impossible for the purchase order to be processed successfully.

Damages & Returns_All notifications of product and / or packaging damage must be notified within a period of no more than 5 business days after the delivery of the purchase order for Atlántico to replace damaged parts and / or packaging, or, if applicable to the return of the money that corresponds only to the damaged pieces. It will be necessary to present photos of the article and / or packaging and any evidence that the client considers appropriate to justify the damage to the merchandise.


Satisfaction guarantee_


If the product or service received by the customer is not your satisfaction, you will be rewarded 100% of the amount spent, less bank fees, if any.




Atlántico Arts & Crafts offers 3 months warranty for all its products and services, which may have a manufacturing defect, as long as it is proven defective and / or unusable. This clause applies only against manufacturing defects: no scratches, bumps or damages derived from the misuse of the product, lack of common sense and / or failure to follow the instructions and care recommended by Atlántico Arts & Crafts and its brands. This guarantee will be canceled automatically if the end user and / or the customer has not followed the care instructions provided and / or their common sense. Atlántico Arts & Crafts does not guarantee the inherent and inherent defects of natural materials, which due to its characteristics, may have